Uganda Parish, Kabuwoko
Sequim Catholic Church
Mother Most Pure Parish, Kabuwoko,
is our Sister Parish in Uganda.
Parish Church built 1935
Mother Most Pure, Kabuwoko Catholic Parish is located in Masaka Diocese, South-Central Uganda. It is one of the 438 parishes in Uganda, and another of 46 parished in the predominantly Catholic region. It was founded in 1935. It was the first parish started and built by local Ugandan priests and laity without  outside support. At almost 75 years of service, Kabuwoko is now a huge and vibrant parish with 20 outstations or missions.  They are called Sub-Parishes, in Ugandan vocabulary, and each one is  under the pastoral care of a lay woman or man called a Catechist, who reports to the Parish Priest or Pastor.  Sub-Parishes are, on average, about 5 miles apart. There are over 2000 families in the Parish and each year, around 400 children are confirmed while in their 6th Grade, after successfully passing the Diocesan Religious Education Examination, which is done by all Catholic children preparing to be confirmed in the diocese.There is a Catholic-founded school at nearly every mission. That means there are  over 20 Catholic-founded schools and personal private schools founded by Catholics and other people of other faiths in this parish. There are two High Schools and a tiny clinic at the parish grounds. Unfortunately, of all these schools, only two have electricity and none has got running water. 90% of the children in the parish walk to and from school daily in all kinds of weather. There is no school bus system.Although the school day begins at 7.00 am and closes at 6 pm, most schools do not have the financial means to provide kids with meals. Children have got to care for themselves.
This parish was in the center of the battle that deposed Idi Amin. Soldiers used schools for their lodging and hiding too. All school  wooden desks, doors and windows were used as firewood for cooking. By the end of the war, schools and church buildings were empty if not riddled with bullet holes. A huge disabled army tank  has been sitting on the front yard of the church for over 25 years, as a glaring reminder of the war that left this church and its schools bleeding.Today, all the buildings show drowsy signs of tiredness and age. They need an urgent overhaul before they kiss the ground, yet the Platinum celebrations of the parish are close at hand The nice church building is calling for a complete make over or atleast a face lift!
Kabuwoko Parish will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2010. The  Church of St. Joseph’s in Sequm, Washington, has just established a mission cooperation program (sister parish relationship) with Kabuwoko. Last February a group of five parishioners from Sequim, Washington travelled to Uganda and visited Kabuwoko Parish. There are a number of plans and aspirations for Sequim and Kabuwoko but as we all know, things take some time to take shape and direction. The parish pastoral council wants to go slowly but steadly, to establish a relationship that will last and outlive its architects.
Since the Church is the family of God in the world, all Christians ought to see others as brothers and sisters. This can be exhibited not only in words but in acts of love and charity too.
Old school buildings
Water tank for kids
Kid fetching water. They know how to re-use!
Pictures taken in Uganda, February, 2009
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